100% of your donations go straight to the projects

The Circle of Venture Philanthropists against cancer

An innovative entrepreneurial commitment to making a real social impact with a 100% altruistic sense of purpose.

A virtuous circle…

Laureates whose projects succeed return the favour by giving back at least the same amount they originally received to support new exciting projects. They graduate from receiving assistance to providing it, a virtuous circle that gives your donations a sustained effect.


The Venture aspect means calling on professionals to assess the potential of the research project, evaluate the inherent risks and demonstrate the innovative elements that bring a real benefit to patients and medical community.


Rallying behind the principles of Venture Philanthropists is making a display of selflessness, commitment and altruism. Your donations fuel the virtuous cycle that characterises the Foundation and makes it so unique, always with complete transparency.

Support concrete projects

The Foundation Fournier-Majoie has carefully and professionally selected promising projects that could bring tangible medical advances to various cancers: ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, blood cancer and many others.

These diseases affect women and men, both young and old. The researchers you support have found a potential solution for which the effectiveness and superiority to current unsatisfactory treatments must be demonstrated.

Help Karine, Henry, Arthur’s dad and so many others.

There are many ways you can help us

Your impact on health

As long as cancer keeps claiming lives, the Foundation has a duty to persevere in its quest to identify, support and provide guidance to projects that bring hope. Your commitment at our side gives fresh impetus to researchers-cum-entrepreneurs. Thanks to your support, the Foundation can help them to optimise the pre-industrialisation phases to boost their odds of success.

If their projects end up succeeding, you will have contributed to expanding the medical community’s toolbox with new solutions that have proven benefits for patients.

Your impact on the economy

Your support for projects selected by the Foundation fuels job growth.

In order to succeed, researchers need the guidance of professionals who help them to make their projects viable from both the scientific and the industrial point to view.

Not to mention that better diagnostic tools and treatments will also generate savings for society as a whole. If success is on the cards, the new business is all set to grow and thrive… and it is all thanks to your support.

Your impact in the short term: the multiplier effect of your donations

Each €1 invested generates €8 in funding for the project and, because it is tax-deductible, your nominal €1,000 donation only costs you €550.

Private donations can be used to obtain at least an equivalent amount in public funds. Finally, the reputation of the Foundation unlocks other sources of private funding.

Your impact in the long term: donations with a sustained effect

Our careful selection of promising projects and the subsequent first-rate guidance we provide increases the likelihood of success. When they succeed, these projects can kick-start a virtuous cycle in which the resources provided go back to the Foundation to support new projects again and again. They graduate from receiving assistance to providing it.

Your donation becomes a long-term commitment and magnifies your impact. Your donations have a sustained effect.

The 100% model

100% of your donations go directly to the projects: this is our commitment.

To ensure maximum impact of your generosity, all your donations are directly and exclusively allocated to research projects rigorously selected by the Foundation and validated by our scientific experts. All the Foundation’s operating and communication costs are covered by a separate endowment from our Founder, Bernard Majoie. This way, you know exactly what your generosity is dedicated to.