Become a corporate partner

Get your business involved in a social initiative to tackle a problem affecting 1 out of 3 people and reap a positive impact for the stakeholders in your business, among your workers and on your market.

Get your brand involved to make it stand out even more and gain a competitive edge. The vast majority of customers would rather buy products from a brand that supports a good cause.
For example, you can allocate part of the sales of a product or service to an iconic Foundation project and make sure your clients and projects know all about it.

Get your clients involved in contributing to a more effective fight against cancer together.
For example, your business can pledge to match all their initiatives or donations (up to a certain limit or without limit).

Get your employees involved and strengthen their ties to your business.
Knowing that they are also working to save lives is an exceptional source of motivation, especially if one of your workers has direct or indirect experience with cancer.
For example, you can set sporting, cultural or festive challenges for your workers and relate them to philanthropic values close to your heart.

Becoming a sponsor of our events is another way you can promote your business in conjunction with our cause.

Get in touch to discuss the available partnership and sponsoring opportunities.
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