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Facts about cancer


Around 50 million people are living with cancer in the world today.

This includes the 18 million (*) diagnosed in the last 12 months, as well as all those undergoing treatment or in remission.

Behind these impressive figures, children, men and women are suffering.

(*) Globocan/WHO 2020

1/4 → 1/2

Progress in understanding this multi-faceted disease and in improving diagnosis and treatment is undeniable.

50 years ago, only 1 in 4 patients survived cancer. Today, the survival rate is around 1 in 2 (*)!

That’s better, but far from good enough.

(*) Cancer Research UK, 2020


With such a high incidence and devastating mortality rate, it is vital to support innovative projects to improve existing therapeutic solutions and develop new cancer diagnostics and treatments.

It is the only way out.

A saddening mess

Our observation is that too many promising discoveries against cancer never reach the patient.

  • Why is this? Out of 10,000 anti-cancer discoveries, only 1 will become a therapeutic solution.
  • This high risk means that many promising projects fail prematurely also because of a lack of resources and support.
  • This waste represents a real loss of value and, above all, missed opportunities to save lives.


The Foundation steps in at a crucial moment

In the development of a new cancer treatment, the Foundation intervenes at the precise moment when a researcher has made a highly promising discovery and needs both financial and entrepreneurial support.

We provide support on both fronts to enable them to bring their project to patients as effectively as possible.




Help us save lives

Karine (31) suffers from ovarian cancer and Henry (64) from colorectal cancer.

These two diseases are diagnosed in more than 580,000 (*) people in Europe every year. The Foundation is supporting a team developing an immunotherapy treatment for these two cancers in particular. The project is called “Chasing the clouds”.


Find out more about the “Chasing the clouds” project >

(*) Globocan 2020 - Europe : colorectal cancer = 519.820 cases, ovarian cancer = 66.693 cases