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Liquid and solid tumours, R&D platform and programmes

Project from 2017 Allocated sum 475 000,00 €

ATB Therapeutics has developed an innovative technology that can be used to design and manufacture a new class of immunotherapeutic agents for the targeted treatment of cancer. This new class of innovative molecules aims to deliver a more effective treatment with a better tolerance profile.

The Foundation has been a stakeholder in the ATB Therapeutics project since its launch in 2017, supporting the three entrepreneurs: Dr Bertrand Magy (Chairman and Managing Director), Max Houry (Science and Business Officer) and Ludwig Camusot (Business Officer).

2019 was a crucial year for the team, which cleared several key stages, most notably the validation of their new technology.

Priority was given to:

  • filing a patent for the technological process;
  • hiring 5 workers;
  • establishing an International Scientific Committee; and
  • a capital increase with the help of its historical shareholders, to which the Foundation contributed €400,000 as an expression of its confidence in such a dynamic team, which has shown a remarkable ability to meet its objectives on time.