The Fournier-Majoie Foundation in 3 figures


Active since 2007, the Foundation helps researchers find medical solutions to improve the chances of curing cancer.

We support detection, identification and treatment projects.

10 000 000 +

To date, the Foundation has allocated more than €10 million to the various projects selected.

Each project has an agreed development plan with key milestones. As each stage is completed, the tranches of funding are released.


Since its inception, the Foundation has examined more than 250 applications.

Following a rigorous selection process, 19 candidates have been selected as laureates and have benefited from our support in the form of financial resources and entrepreneurial coaching.

Our history

The Foundation was born out of Dr Bernard Majoie‘s conviction that too much promising cancer research was not reaching patients because of a lack of adequate financial and managerial support.

For more than 35 years, he devoted himself to the research and development activities of Laboratoires Fournier, which he took from a family business with 400 employees to a global laboratory employing more than 4,000 people.

Building on this success, he decided to “return the favour” by creating a Foundation in 2007, which he endowed with part of his personal fortune. Its purpose? To help researchers-finders who, like him, face many challenges in expanding or improving the medical arsenal to fight cancer.

On the occasion of the Foundation’s 10th anniversary in 2017, Bernard Majoie passed the baton to his son Jérôme, to continue his philanthropic work and continue to “Empowering entrepreneurs to crush cancer”.

Our founder died in December 2021 of cancer.

Our values


Altruism and empathy are at the heart of everything the Foundation does.

By supporting researchers in transforming their discoveries into innovative cancer therapies, our main aim is to bring hope to patients and save lives.


“Returning the favour” is a philosophy dear to our founder and one of the driving forces behind our work. Each laureate who receives support from the Foundation undertakes, if successful, to contribute to the funding of other projects and in turn help future researchers.

From being helped, they become helpers and contribute to the formation of a virtuous circle that characterises the Foundation.


We combine altruism, an absence of personal gain and a multi-year commitment.

All the members of the Board of Directors, the Scientific and Investment Council and the CEO carry out their duties pro-bono. With its entrepreneurial DNA, the Foundation does not hesitate to commit its capital after a rigorous selection of projects.


We are committed to transparency through our 100% model and to rigour through a strict selection process for scientific projects.

We take care to minimise risk while bringing the new treatments developed by our prize-laureates to patients.

The operational team

On a day-to-day basis, the Foundation is actively managed by a team made up of Jérôme Majoie (Chairman and CEO), Frédéric Galland (Finance and Administration), Mathilde Jooris (Philanthropy), Coralie Lion (Communications) and Serge Schmitz (Fundraising and Marketing Strategy).

They are supported by two scientific experts, Ana Maricevic and Dr. Peter De Waele, as well as a Scientific and Investment Advisory Board.

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The project leaders

They are mainly from the world of university research and have successfully completed the first stages of their project’s development. They have filed a patent and have a validated pre-clinical proof of concept. Their entrepreneurial spirit has spurred them on to launch their own start-up.

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To mark the Foundation’s 10th anniversary in 2017, our founder, Dr Bernard Majoie, handed over the Presidency to his son, Jérôme Majoie.

The Board of Directors is made up of five other members. All serve pro bono.

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