The Fournier-Majoie Foundation in 3 figures


The Foundation has been working since 2007 to help researchers-finders come up with medical solutions that boost the chances of recovery of cancer patients. We support screening, identification and treatment projects.

8 000 000 +

The Foundation has given over 8 million Euros to selected projects so far. A development plan with key milestones is drawn up for each project. Funding tranches are released as each stage is cleared.


The Foundation has reviewed over 200 projects since it was established in 2007. 17 candidates have been chosen as laureates following a rigorous selection procedure and have received our backing in the shape of financial resources and managerial assistance.

About us

The Foundation was born from Dr. Bernard Majoie’s firm belief that far too many promising scientific studies in the field of oncology fail to translate from bench to bedside due to a lack of adequate financial support and managerial oversight.

He decided to put the experience gained as chairman of the Board of Laboratoires Fournier to good use helping researchers with an entrepreneurial spirit. He calls it “giving back to the community”.

The name of the Foundation acknowledges the Laboratories Fournier teams, which have a successful track record in bringing medicinal products from the test tube to pharmacies and hospitals and have grown from 400 to over 4,000 workers in over 35 countries. We aspire to help the leaders of supported projects to achieve great industrial success.

The team

A team consisting of Jérôme Majoie (Chairman and Managing Director), Frédéric Galland (Finance and Administration) and Marie Desprez (Assistant) runs the Foundation’s day-to-day operations and draws upon the support of two experts and a Scientific and Investment Advisory Board.

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Project leaders

These are people who come mainly from the world of university research and have successfully cleared the first stages of development of their projects. They have filed patents and have validated pre-clinical proofs of concept. Their entrepreneurial spirit has spurred them on to launch their own start-ups.

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Our founder, Dr Bernard Majoie, was named Honorary Chairman. In 2017, on the occasion of the Foundation’s tenth anniversary, he passed the torch to his son, Jérôme Majoie. Another four people serve on the Board of Directors on a pro bono basis.

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Focus on our project selection method

All submitted applications are reviewed and receive recommendations even if not selected. Eligible projects are reviewed based on 14 scientific, business and financial criteria. The Scientific and Investment Advisory Board invites the project leader to a hearing. If necessary, international experts conduct an additional review. Only validated projects are submitted for the Board of Directors to approve and determine what shape the investment will take (e.g. equity and convertible loans).

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Embracing a new philanthropic approach to make a greater impact

The Foundation is built on the concept of Venture Philanthropy, which aspires to combine a philanthropic spirit and a flair for investment with a view to making a social impact.

Venture Philanthropy emerged in the United States in the 1990s and stands out for its charitable goals, its relatively long-term commitment and its ambition to maximise the results and, even more importantly, the impact of the projects it supports. Join the Circle of Venture Philanthropists against cancer: committed donors, sustained giving, and a real impact.

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