We are very proud of our courageous colleague, Mathilde, who has once again decided to take on a personal challenge on the ‘Camino de Compostela’ in support of cancer research.

Alone, then accompanied by a friend, she will cover more than 25 km a day to collect donations and raise awareness of this cause so close to her heart.

Along the way, dozens of colored ribbons, symbolizing each donation received, will brighten up her backpack and motivate her to rise to the challenge.

In line with our 100% model, all donations she collects will support our promising ‘tobacco to cure cancer’ project, which primarily targets blood cancers.

Empowering entrepreneurs
to crush cancer

that’s our vision.


Our mission

To save lives, we identify, fund and support researchers so that their scientific discoveries benefit people suffering from cancer.

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What makes us different

The 100% model

100% of your donations go directly to the projects:
This is our commitment.

To ensure maximum impact of your generosity, all your donations are directly and exclusively allocated to research projects rigorously selected by the Foundation and validated by our scientific experts.

All the Foundation’s operating and communication costs are covered by a separate endowment from our founder, Dr. Bernard Majoie. This way, you know exactly what your generosity is dedicated to.


Entrepreneurial DNA

Our DNA is close to that of entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurial spirit is clearly reflected in our vision
” Empowering entrepreneurs to crush cancer”, and in a series of characteristics
that business leaders will immediately identify with:

  1. A strong ambition
    aiming to provide new therapeutic solutions
  2. (Measured) risk-taking
    by committing our capital after a rigorous selection of projects
  3. A search for impact
    by helping to save lives and creating jobs
    (137 jobs created within the teams of our laureates)

Examples of concrete and promising projects

In ovarian, pancreatic and colorectal cancers, malignant cells produce a particular protein (TSP-1) in very large quantities.

These proteins position themselves around the cancer cell to form a cluster of clouds that disrupt our immune system and render it inoperative.

Dr Albin Jeanne and his team have designed a highly promising immunotherapy treatment that targets the TSP-1 protein. It “chases the clouds“, enabling our immune system to spot cancer cells and eliminate them.

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In a very large number of cancers, targeted therapies are aimed very precisely at cancer cells in order to destroy them while sparing healthy cells as much as possible.

Jean-Guillaume Lafay and his team have developed a new generation of anti-cancer “missiles” that demonstrate an efficacy/tolerance ratio 7 to 10 times superior to currently available targeted therapies.

The superiority of this next generation of ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugate) is achieved thanks to the cloak of invisibility, a hydrophilic covering that envelops the cytotoxic agents carried by these ” missiles”.

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The Fournier-Majoie Foundation

What do we do?

After selecting promising oncology research projects, we fund them and provide entrepreneurial support for the researchers.

By helping them to succeed, we ensure that their innovations benefit the medical community and patients.

Who are we?

Created by Dr Bernard Majoie in 2007, the Foundation, which is a registered charity, actively supports research by applying the principles of venture philanthropy, combining rigour, professionalism and generosity. A team and a network of multidisciplinary experts reinforce this support by assisting project leaders.

How can you help us?

You can make a REAL difference by becoming a Philanthropreneur yourself. Bring hope and save cancer patients: by making a donation, becoming a corporate partner, taking part in our events, etc.

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Impact and Progress Report 2023

Discover our unique approach to philanthropy in this Report: 100% model, entrepreneurial DNA and  virtuous circle.

All our oncology projects undergo a rigorous selection process and benefit from expert support and access to a network of investors.

Our measured impact includes €770,000 allocated to scientific projects in 2023 and 153 jobs created to date among our laureates.

Our partners

To support our project leaders and reinforce the impact of the Foundation's actions, our partners provide their support in various ways.

Corporate & Foundations

Sharing our values and our mission to undertake against cancer, they support us through financial donations or donations in kind

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Financial co-support

Together we provide necessary financial support to project developers

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They help us identify promising projects or support us on scientific issues

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Submit your scientific project

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