Join the Circle of Venture Philanthropists

Committed patrons, sustained giving and a real impact to beat cancer.

Joining the Circle of Venture Philanthropists means taking a different approach to philanthropy, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the sights set on making a strong social impact.

Aside from the substantial leverage effect, the strength of our approach lies in a concept that ensures the impact of your donations is sustained over time. Your tax-deductible donations support a specific project today and, once it achieves success, they will be recycled and reassigned to future promising projects.

The Foundation’s 100% model constitutes a pledge to use every last cent and penny for research projects.

Joining the Circle of Venture Philanthropists against cancer means…

  • getting to meet other Venture Philanthropists in exceptional settings
  • getting to meet high-level scientists
  • getting regular updates on how the projects you support are coming along

Get in touch to discover our Circle of Venture Philanthropists, which will give you a unique opportunity to make a strong, tangible and sustained social impact.
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