Ethical principles and values

Cf. Article 14 of the Articles of Association, as amended on 10 December 2015

Approved by the Board of Directors on 9 May 2017

Principle 1 — Compliance

FFMI acts in accordance with Belgian legislation and in accordance with its Articles of Association. It acts in compliance with the international and European conventions to which Belgium has adhered.

Principe 2- Governance

FFMI has a Board of Directors of which the members as well as their successors have been elected and will be elected in accordance with the provisions set out in its Articles of Association. The Board of Directors and the various bodies, responsible for putting forward proposals and for the management, undertake to act ethically and responsibly.

Principle 3 — Management Policy and Principles

The management and operating principles defined and applied by FFMI are entirely dedicated to the support and achievement of its Mission. They are the subject of evaluation and continuous adaptation by the Board of Directors and the Management. FFMI's mission is to identify and support work by entrepreneurs and research entrepreneurs the purpose of which is to provide useful, real solutions to patients with cancer. If a clinical study is part of the research project, FFMI will ensure that the project manager has obtained authorization from the relevant ethics committee. All candidates are informed of the project selection and evaluation procedures.

Principle 4 — Management and Finance

It is FFMI’s promotes an efficient organization of work so as to ensure prudent and sustainable management in terms of procedures, investment strategies and the use of its resources for the benefit of the patient. The accounts are kept in accordance with the accounting standards established by Belgian legislation and are audited by a Company Auditor.

Principle 5 — Confidentiality and Communications

FFMI acts in full transparency and respects the regulations in force in Belgium in this respect. Pursuant to these regulations, all information is and will be available on FFMI's website or upon request. FFMI undertakes to provide reliable, fair, accurate, factual and objective information. FFMI respects the confidentiality agreements made with respect to the various institutions, organizations and project teams with which it collaborates.

Principle 6 — Follow-up and Evaluation of the Activities

FFMI regularly evaluates and analyses the operating performance of its activities using procedures and tools developed for that purpose.

Principle 7 — Cooperation

FFMI believes that sharing experiences and information is a deciding factor in achieving its goals. FFMI seizes every opportunity for cooperation in order to maximize the impact of its activities for the benefit of patients.