We have broadened our scope!

Posté le 16-10-2013
So far, Fournier-Majoie Foundation has supported the development of biomarker based tests in oncology, covering applications in screening, early diagnosis and prediction.
For most cancers, 5- and even 10-year survival often approaches 90% for cancer detected at an early stage, while it may drop to <10% for cancer detected at late stage.
As such screening and early diagnosis are and will always remain at the core of our activities.

In addition, more precise, if possible personalised cancer medicine (‘the right treatment for the right person at the right time in the right dose’) is what we aim for.

Biomarker based tests (to predict whether a patient will respond to treatment or to define the optimal dose of drugs for a specific patient) may herald personalised medicine.

But also other technologies can enable this:

  • Health IT applications (eg data integration tools, social networks, diagnostic apps,...)
  • Medical devices (targeted delivery devices, cell capturing devices, mobile health applications,...)
  • New surgical and radiation therapy (enhanced dosimetry, guided tumour resection,...)

For this reason, Fournier-Majoie Foundation has enlarged the scope of the projects it will support beyond the purely biomarker based tests.

Imagine, instead of treating cancer, we could predict or diagnose the disease in time...

And if needed, not just treat patients, but treat them adequately!

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