Esperity, sprl

Project details

Social network platform for cancer patients
Mitchell Silva (CEO); Erard le Beau de Hemricourt (CMO)
end 2012; FFM laureate 2014
Brussels (BE)


Esperity aims at

  • Empowering cancer patients and reducing isolation
  • Delivering knowledge about the interaction between medical treatment and all kinds of other variables that influence the health condition of people


  • Scientific studies clearly show that empowered patients (w/o cancer) have a better survival compared to normal patients
  • Patient reported outcome data (PROs) are unique indicators of impact of disease on the patient, helpful in empowerment of the patients, necessary for determination of efficacy of the treatment, by communication helpful in creating a rapport between patient and healthcare providers, useful in the interpretation of clinical outcomes and treatment decision making*.

(*) Acquadro C, Berzon R, Dubois D, Leidy NK, Marquis P, Revicki D, et al. Incorporating the Patient's Perspective into Drug Development and Communication: An Ad Hoc Task Force Report of the Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Harmonization Group Meeting at the Food and Drug Administration, February 16, 2001. Value Health. 2003;6:522–31. [PubMed]

Product offer

Knowledge generation is based on data analysis. To acquire these data, Esperity provides a web platform that enables patients to monitor their own health variables: bridges the social and the medical dimension. Key features include: monitoring patterns, the disease’s progression, drug interactions or side medication at the right time.

Information is anonymised and aggregated for statistical purposes. By accepting the terms of use and privacy policy, the users agree to contribute to research by donating their de-identified data. Esperity also enables patients to ‘twin’ with people suffering from the same cancer, anywhere in the world.

Esperity is built on the Microsoft technology stack, including the Windows Azure cloud platform.

The site is focused solely on cancer, is already available in 4 languages and contains an additional layer of (in depth) biomolecular information compared to other social network sites.


  • Sprl created end 2012
  • Start involvement Fournier-Majoie Foundation March, 2014
  • full release of the platform 19 March, 2014


Convertible bridge loan: €300.000