Funding a development project requires a lot of money and is difficult to attract especially at the early phases…

Multi-year financial support (Grants)

We are offering multi-year financial support and are proactively looking for co-funding together with other grant organisations.

On December 31th, 2016, the totality of the grants invested in selected projects accounted for to 7, 2 million euros, of which 5, 9 million had already been paid out.

Based on milestones

All projects funded have milestones and deliverables that are well defined in advance. Steering committees are organized minimum three times a year to review project progress with the project leaders, clinicians, Fournier-Majoie foundation representatives and technology transfer officers.

Other types of funding 
We are also considering other types of funding (e.g. equity, depth, etc) depending on the kind of project (industry/academia) we are supporting. We are ready to consider an investment in start-ups and young companies, provided their activities are within the scope of the activities of the foundation.