We actively organize trainings and seminars dedicated to researchers and technology transfer officers on technical aspects related to biomarker development as well as regulatory, valorization, intellectual property, leadership, team management…

Apart from trainings, we also provide on-the-job coaching e.g. during the steering committees.

To fill the gap of expertise

Early-stage development success is dependent upon the tenacity and creativity of the project leaders. But it also requires medical, biostatistical, regulatory, intellectual property ... expertise and a level of oversight and management that is not always within the expertise of those conducting research & development.

Researchers often get lost in translation because they lack practical expertise to move their discoveries forward.

In close collaboration with universities…

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) definition
TTOs are organizations in the universities whose mission is to help academic labs to valorize the research findings (IP protection, out-licensing, spin-off creation).

TTOs usually are limited in the support they can provide to their academic labs . Seen the huge amount of R&D projects at the university and the high number of technical areas involved, experts working in these TTOs are generalists. As such, we work in close collaboration with our best allies, TTOs, on every project, and pay particular attention to offer specific guidance complementing their support.