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Daily Science  is a free online media totally dedicated in Science, Research and Innovation.

Since 2016, Daily Science also offers IOS and Android applications, a free magazine to download for the younger generation: the DSMag! 

Wishing to raise, even modestly, the level of scientific literacy of its readers, Daily Science also hopes to generate enthusiasm for studies and scientific and technical careers.

Since its launch in 2014, Daily Science has the support of the Foundation Fournier-Majoie.

Activity Report 2019

We are pleased to present you the Activity Report of the Foundation for the year 2019. 


FFMI acts in accordance with Belgian legislation and in accordance with its Articles of Association. It acts in compliance with the international and European conventions to which Belgium has adhered.

Overcome barriers in biomarker development

There are multiple biomarker barriers for entering the clinical practise. Here we list the most important barriers and how Fournier-Majoie Foundation approaches them.

Annual Reports

We adhere to the EFC (European Foundation Center) Principles of Good Practice.
We are acting in a transparent manner and comply with the regulations concerning transparency in force in Belgium.
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