Annual Reports

2012 Activity Report

Laureate 2012

Please visit the Portfolio page to discover the project of our 2012 Laureate.

Fournier-Majoie Foundation's Team

To maintain the level of quality required for project monitoring on one hand and to improve operations on the other hand, Fournier-Majoie Foundation has strengthened its structure:

  • Els Vanheusden, MD as COO
  • Koen Kas, PhD as CSO

Also the Scientific Advisory Board was strenghtened with Marc Buyse (Chairman IDDI, Associate Professor of biostatistics U Hassels & past Assistant Director EORTC).

Important other activities in 2012

Follow-up of above mentioned projects during 3 to 4 "steering committees" per year.

In function of the project, additionnal interactions took place, involving market research support, CRO/biobank selections, regulatory expert advice...

On Oct. 24 the Award Ceremony for the 6th call took place (seel also"laureate 2012" above) and the opening of the 7th valorization call was announced.

Business development support activities: participation to partnering conferences such as JP Morgan and World Companion Diagnostics Summitt.

Continued contacts with other foundations active in the domain (e.g. Fondation contre le cancer, Vlaams Liga tegen Kanker, Fonds pour les Maladies rares, Kinder Kanker Fonds, Fondation Roi Baudouin, Kanker register, CMI) in the context of collaborative events.

Key events 2013

We adhere to the EFC (European Foundation Center) Principles of Good Practice.
We are acting in a transparent manner and comply with the regulations concerning transparency in force in Belgium.
Here are our annual accounts reports and the annual reports from the statutory auditor.