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Since its creation end of 2006, Fournier-Majoie Foundation has gained increasing attention from media in Belgium.

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Reality check on reproducibility

Posted on 07-06-2016

A survey of Nature readers revealed a high level of concern about the problem of irreproducible results. Researchers, funders and journals need to work together to make research more reliable.

Recommendations tumor-biomarker diagnostics

Posted on 05-09-2013

A large group of scientists, representing the diagnostics industry, insurance payers, and clinical oncologists, has recently published a set of recommendations they believe would accelerate the development of clinically useful tests to personalize cancer therapy. These recommendations are completely in line with our action.

Dr Buyse in PharmaVOICE 100

Posted on 22-08-2013

Dr Marc Buyse has been chosen among the 100 most inspiring and motivational individuals throughout the life sciences industry.