Project selection @ Fournier-Majoie Foundation

Posted on 19-11-2013

Expert assessment & a dose of market reality

How do we recognize promising projects out of the explosion of grant applications? How do we know which concepts have the legs to make it to market?  Ninety percent of the time, the information is too incomplete to make the decision appropriately.
Healthcare philanthropies can lend in very capable people evaluating proposals and giving invaluable feedback. If it doesn’t have legs, deny funding or work with an applicant to get up to speed.
Fournier-Majoie Foundation has recently established a dedicated  Investment Committee to help guiding its selection process.

The names of the members of this committee will not become public and can change over time, but their individual expertise usually is a combination of :

  • Solid venture/seed capital investment experience in life sciences companies
  • Experience as an entrepreneur in life sciences companies (‘been there, done that’)
  • In depth technical experience in oncology development projects

All decisions concerning the acquisition and disposition of investments are prepared by the Investment Committee and mandated by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
The Investment Committee deliberates on the basis of an Investment Recommendation, which incorporates additional due diligence on the comments made by our scientific advisory board and – where needed- specific technical expert opinions.
The process from initial contact to a final decision will take three to six months.