Prof Callewaert in Top 20 Translational Researchers

Posted on 19-09-2013

One of our awardees Nico Callewaert has been recognized as being one of the TOP 20 Translational Researchers in 2012 by Nature Biotechnology, the leading peer reviewed scientific journal.

The only Belgian in the top ranking

Only 2 Europeans received this distinction and Professor Nico Callewaert is the only Belgian in the top ranking. The top 20 was selected on the basis of interest from the bio sector in scientific publications on the one hand and on the other hand on patents obtained in Europe and the USA.

Fournier-Majoie Foundation congratulates its 2007 awardee

Our goal is to supply the medical community with the tools it needs for the early detection and/or identification and prognosis of cancer so that the cancer patients can be treated more efficiently. 

We have a very active policy to convert scientific research into clinical applications.

Professor Nico Callewaert has received a €381 250 grant from the Foundation in 2007 for his work related to GlycoCirrho Test (Results have been published). Clinical assay optimization is ongoing.

We congratulate our awardee to have received this new distinction!