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Posted on 19-11-2013

MOBILE ahead of schedule

In 2012 Prof Gallez et al. (UCL) described a  non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) method allowing rapid mapping of changes in tissue oxygenation. This sequence with the acronym MOBILE (Mapping of Oxygen By Imaging Lipids relaxation Enhancement), has high potential for translation into daily clinical practice.  9 months later & well in advance of schedule, the team has demonstrated the feasibility of applying the MOBILE sequence in 20 glioma patients  and 16 patients with head & neck tumors.

Tumor hypoxia, the situation where tumor cells have been deprived of oxygen, promotes the emergence of metastases and regeneration of blood vessels and makes the tumor less sensitive to treatments, especially to radiotherapy.
This is esp. problematic in solid tumors such as brain and head & neck tumors.
In order to develop the MOBILE technology and get a clinically applicable tool to patient, three areas are currently being developed:

  1. Pre-clinical qualification of the MOBILE method
  2. Translational studies in cancer patients
  3. Acquisition/Post-processing optimization on MR clinical systems

As the project is well ahead of schedule and promising, Fournier-Majoie Foundation decided to advance/extend its grant funding accordingly.

We will also soon contact  providers of clinical  MRI systems do discuss collaboration opportunities.
You want to know more on this project ? Visit the dedicated webpage.