2013 Biomarker training: Review

Posted on 04-12-2013

13 experts shared their knowledge and experience to provide 27 participants with in depth insights to develop biomarker based-tests for cancer patients. The 2-day intensive courses also gave an excellent opportunity for networking (take a look at the description and program  of the event and the speakers' biographies).

We tried to make this training session as compelling as possible by reacting on the needs of the participants.

Bringing together researchers and physicians from both academia and industry as well as tech transfer officers, involved in biomarker development programs, this training provided  an excellent opportunity for networking.

We would like to thank the Friends of Fournier-Majoie Fund for its financial support and the King Baudouin Foundation for hosting the event.

95% of the attendees scored the event as good or excellent (results from satisfaction survey). It seems that the event was a success !

Lorenzo Tosco


"In this two day course, there is the opportunity to have an overview of the most important technical elements needed to start understanding and eventually, approaching translational research. The training was also great to meet experts and colleagues from different disciplines." Lorenzo Tosco, MD, Urologist, PhD fellow, University Hospitals Leuven, december 2013.


Katarzyna Bloch

"The biomarker training was incredibly useful to me to put my experimental research into a wider context. I realized how many other important issues that are crucial to biomarker development I did not initially consider (i.e. statistical issues, control studies, formalities...)." Katarzyna Bloch, Researcher, KU Leuven.

Karina Clauwaert

"I really enjoyed the biomarker training program. Many different aspects that one needs to be aware of when developing biomarkers were explained by excellent and relevant speakers. There was plenty of room for interactions with the speakers and co-trainees to also get answers related to specific projects and questions". Karine Clauwaert, Senior Business Development Manager, VIB.

Fjoralba Zeka

"As a lab researcher, I found it very helpful to meet professionals in the field of biomarker development. This allows us to become aware of all the hurdles that a certain product encounters on its way from bench tot bed side and helps us to work more efficiently and well-focussed towards the final aim." Fjoralba Zeka, PhD candidate, Centre for Medical Genetics, Ghent University.