2013 Award Ceremony

Posted on 03-06-2013

The foundation announced last thursday at Knowledge for Growth the winners of the Valorization Awards.

Prof. J. Swinnen (University of Leuven)

Prof. J. Swinnen

"Phospholipids and Lipid Metabolizing Enzymes as Cancer Biomarkers : Application in Renal Cancer" (Read more)

Our President-Founder, Bernard Majoie (on the left) and Prof. J. Swinnen (on the right)

Prof. J. Vandesompele & Prof. F. Speleman

Prof. J. Vandesompele & Prof. F. Speleman (University of Ghent)

"Improved Outcome Prediction for Children with Neuroblastoma using an integrated m/miRNA and DNA Methylation Signature" (Read more)

From left to right : Prof. J. Vandesompele, Prof. F. Speleman, Zeka Fjoralba and Anneleen Decock (PhD Candidates)

These awards were special in that, this year, our foundation had decided to support follow-on 'valorization projects" of existing laureates only.

As such, these three laureates have been rewarded in order to roll-out the validation process- where significant costs and numbers of samples are required - for their biomarker.

Read our press release on the event (bottom of this page)

Prof. J. Swinnen

Prof. J. Vandesompele & Prof. F. Speleman