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New findings to guide the development of prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

Posted on 17-10-2013
Analysis of cancer genomes is moving beyond the confines of a particular disease - researchers are now comparing the genetic and epigenetic characteristics of multiple tumors types. Their findings provide not only biology insight, but also clinically relevant information. Discover how by following the link below.

Why Your New Cancer Biomarker May Never Work ?

Posted on 20-08-2013
Recurrent Patterns and Remarkable Diversity in Biomarker Failures

A Business Plan for Biomarker Development

Posted on 08-01-2013
From Differences in Means between Cases and Controls to Risk Stratification.

Approval Trends for Biomarkers-Based IVD Tests

Posted on 01-11-2012
Realizing the Promise of Personalized Medicine.

Evolution of Translational Omics

Posted on 01-11-2012
Lessons learned and the Path forward