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Evolution of Translational Omics

Posted on 01-11-2012
Lessons learned and the Path forward

The Biomarker Unbound

Posted on 21-06-2012
The Supreme Court's Ruling on Diagnostic - Test Patents

Mapping of oxygen by imaging lipids relaxation enhancement: A potential sensitive endogenous MRI contrast to map variations in tissue oxygenation

Posted on 01-01-2012
MOBILE arises as a promising noninvasive and sensitive tool for diagnosis and therapeutic guidance in disorders involving hypoxia.

Outcome Prediction of Children with Neuroblastoma using a Multigene Expression Signature, a Retrospective SIOPEN/COG/GPOH Study

Posted on 01-07-2009
A Multigene Expression Signature that can act as an independent risk predictor enabling the identification of high-risk patients.

GlycoFibroTest Is a Highly Performant Liver Fibrosis Biomarker Derived from DNA Sequencer-based Serum Protein Glycomics

Posted on 01-05-2009